Murdering Hiccup Girl

I just read this morning that the girl in Florida once famous for her uncontrollable hiccuping has been charged with first degree murder.

This poor soul originally appeared on the RADAR a few years back about the girl who could not stop hiccuping (click for link to original story.)

How does incessant hiccuping lead to murder? Well, after reading the related stories, one can understand that her issue is systemic to our entire society.

Thinking about it from a psychological aspect, the story becomes clear. Her hiccups were so bad that could not attend school regularly, this led to a poor education and limited employment prospects. Her desire for a means of financial security led to an association with unsavory characters, who misguided her into a life of crime. In desperation, she became involved in a robbery gone wrong.

Of course what is really typical of our society today that, instead of just being honest and saying "she messed up and must now pay the price" we look for some societal reason as to why people do these things. In other words, we end up blaming ourselves for failures of individuals.

Isn't it time we, as a society, allow for individual responsibility? If we continue to make excuses for individuals and allow them to push their failures onto the greater society, we will surely fall prey to a nation without individualism, bound by the shackles of dependence and perceived entitlement.

Link to the current story by clicking here.

Sometimes I just need a good rant.


  1. I agree! No matter what our circustances, we are responsible for our own behavior.

  2. When I broke my ankle in 1995, I had to recover from ankle surgery; perform painful therapeutic exercies to regain mobility; return to work while still recovering... and my mantra was The Eagles' song "Get Over It."

  3. Sandy,

    If you to find yourself involved in or the instigator of a murder today, you might be able to use your past woes as a defense.

    I know your not the kind of person to do that but ... I'm just sayin'.


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