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The Last Post (of the year)

Wow, it's been quite a year. I wanted to post something to commemorate the end of the year, and make it, you know, special. To hell with that. Let's just get on with it and plunge into a shiny brand new year. First, some reflection. This time last year, I had just recently arrived back from Iraq, was getting settled back into life in the world. This time two years ago, I had just buried my father, whom I hadn't seen in years, which only made performing these final duties all the more daunting. But this next year, I'm sure, will prove to be a wonderful and fascinating time. And, according to some interpretations of the Mayan calendar, could be our final full year. To that I say, if some big meteor is going to plow into Earth and wipe out most of our civilization, I plan to be outside and as close to the point of impact as possible. Why suffer through the aftermath? I been to nearly all corners of the Earth in my time, and I've seen (and sometimes participat

That Old Favorite Christmas Tune

I know, I kind of disappeared there for awhile. But now I'm back with my newest adventure. Let's just say this may, or may not, be true. So, to keep you guessing, I've decided to tell the story in the form of that old favorite Christmas song, "Grandma got run over by a reindeer." Just imagine the tune as you read the chorus and verse. Grandma got pulled over by the Po-Po Driving home from our house Christmas day. She tried to talk the officer to a warning But he just shook his head and said "No way." She was visiting her family Eating food and drinking wine But when she got into her auto She dropped her quaint fa├žade and lost her mind Grandma got pulled over by the Po-Po Driving home from our house Christmas day. She tried to talk the officer to a warning But he just shook his head and said "No way."   Seems she'd taken out a stop sign And drove her car over a bump How she drove another mile We're still shocked, amaze

Adventures on "The Tube."

Here it is! The long awaited (well, maybe not) video book trailer for "Lovestruck Succubus" a parnormal erotic fantasy (romance, suspence, crime) just posted on youtube yesterday. Take a look, Tell me what you think.

Stumbling onto Genius

History states that Tea was invented by accident in 2737 b.c. by the great emperor, Shen Nung. He was boiling water outside and some leaves dropped into his kettle. Before he could retrieve them from the boiling water, he saw the water changing color and smelled a sweet aroma. He drank it, and thus began the rise of the popularity of tea. I'm sure, in real life, tea was likely invented by some poor peasant farmer and presented to the emperor in lieu of some tax or something. Otherwise, it sure seems there were many things invented by rulers and emperors back in the day. And, by the way, Shen Nung is also credited with teaching the people of china to cultivate hemp (marijuana) to make hempen cloth. The same holds true in writing. I've written a lot of crap in my day, but occasionally I stumble upon some phrase or thought, purely by accident, that sends my mind into overdrive. These little sparks of inspiration sometimes completely change the direction of a story, or even pro

The Problem with Polygamy

I was flipping through the channels one night last week, and happened upon the latest in reality television programming -- Sister Wives. This show is all about the life inherent drama associated with three (or is it four) women, all living with one man. According to the man, it was not his idea to enter into this lifestyle but his wives's. On the surface, this might seem like a great gig for the man. But, upon further investigation, I've found some issues with this lifestyle. First off, I noticed that this family was not swimming in money. They live a rather impoverished life, make their own clothes. I don't think any of the women worked but said they were happy taking care of their multiple children. I can tell you right now, that would never fly in my household! And then there is the thought of the man's, and women's, marital relations. From the man's point of view I can tell you this. Fantasizing about multiple partners, even if not at the same time, is o


Matthew knew the day he would die. He knew the love that would be by his side when he died. He'd known since his twelfth birthday when he woke on that spring day, with an epiphany. There was no other way to explain it--he just woke up knowing. ... What if you knew the day you were going to die. What if you knew your time was limited and you knew how much time you had, exactly, to accomplish whatever it was you wanted with your life? Would you become depressed and give up, waiting for that fateful day to arrive? Would you jam your life into high gear and try to do as much as possible in the time you have? Tell me what you think about this. I thought about this very thing this weekend, and wondered what I would do. I think, in the end, I would try to make the most of the life I have. What if you were given some divine knowledge as to exactly when, and under what circumstances, the world, as we know it, would end? Would you try to convince others of your knowledge? Just