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Haiku about a Haiku

Today, I am posting a haiku about writing a haiku. How's that for irony, or is is coincidence, or juxtaposition? Maybe my daily haiku will become deeper, more meaningful as I get the hang of this style of poetry. Anyway, here it is for your reading pleasure.

Daily Haiku

So, I've decided to test the waters and try to create a new Haiku every day until further notice.  A grand undertaking considering my history with consistent blogging. I thought it appropriate that my first effort should be about typewriters and in typecast form. Here goes:

Sunday Excerpt 23

The excerpt today begins a new chapter. New characters will be introduced in the coming weeks. "I see you like to ride in class," Alexis said jokingly, as Frost opened the passenger-side door of his truck for her. The door springs creaked and something made a sort of metallic popping noise as he forced it open. "Hey, don't knock it," he said. "It gets me from A to B." She crawled into the middle of the bench seat and Becky sat beside her. Frost jumped in the driver's side and shut the door with a hollow thump. They drove the short distance down South Boulevard to an all-night diner, the light from the big yellow square-lettered sign diffused through the truck's dirty windshield as they pulled into a parking spot. Frost ran ahead and held the door open for them. "Such a gentleman," Becky said, as the two girls tried to squeeze through the door at the same time. "It's just the way my momma raised me," Frost sa

The Non-Post Post

Working on something now. Sorry to be so anti-social but sometimes life just gets in the way of posting on my blog. Hold on folks, I'll be back in the world soon.

Sunday Excerpt 22

Sam was washing glasses, trying to keep up with the busy night, when Knuckles left his table and came to the bar, leaning over it and motioning him close. "Who's the new girl?" "That's Paulina, our new waitress," Sam said, already suspecting Knuckles' motivation. "Why, did you have a problem with her?" "No," Knuckles snorted. "No problem at all. In fact, I'd like to see more of her." "What do you mean?" Sam knew exactly what he meant, and he didn't like it one bit. "I mean, can she dance?" "I didn't hire her to dance," Sam said. "I need a good waitress, and she's the best I've had in here in a long time." "Why don't you take that stick of a girl, Becky, and put her on the floor taking orders, and put Paulina on the stage." Knuckles gestured toward Paulina, making a sweeping motion toward the stage. "That woman's got some meat on

Pearls of Wisdom

Photo Credit: W as looking through some of my writing today. I sometimes peruse old stuff or tap away at one of my old manual typewriters for inspiration. Anyway, I came across some quickly written poems and realized some of them were not that bad. At some point in the recent past I had this flash of a dream to be a street poet. Okay, so my poetry is rather terrible but I do have the ability to whip out a quip rather quickly on one of my old crotchety typewriters. Who knows, maybe one day I'll decide to show up at some local event with a little table and chair, and sell poems while you wait. I imagine (in fact, I've already purchased some small frames) that I would have a long line waiting to buy a quick poem using a customer's subject or prompt. I set out to practice this and came up with some decent work and some truly terrible words I destroyed immediately. I gave myself a subject and five minutes to come up with a s

A Bit of Europe in a Small Town

I was out and about in Daleville the other day at lunchtime and found this new restaurant. Well, if you want to be technical, it is an imbiss or schnell imbiss, which is a fast serve restaurant in Germany. I suppose an imbiss might be more similar to a street vendor in New York City than an establishment like Mcdonald's. As many of you know, I occasionally post about this small town of Daleville. Now you know, it is not a fictional town at all, rather a small community just outside a military post. Yes, Daleville Dan is often talking about real situations-good or bad-although fictionalized. Anyway, since I've spent some time in Germany (stationed on two separate occasions while serving in the military) I have some experience with German street cuisine. This new establishment gave me a sense of authenticity while inside and brought back fond memories of stopping for a quick bite while shopping in some quaint German town. I remember looking forward to Wednesdays when the

Sunday Excerpt 21

As soon as Frost walked into the Pink Pony, he saw Knuckles and a few of his thugs, sitting at a table in front of the stage. Knuckles had his hand raised, waving it in the air, as he nodded an "over here" look to the waitress at the bar. Frost immediately recognized her. She was the woman he'd rescued from Lefty the night before, although she had made it clear to him, she didn't see it that way. He'd thought about her, off and on, all day. Not obsessive thoughts, just little snippets of how she looked, standing in the dark alley the night before. He could have sworn he'd seen a flash of light in her eyes, like the reflection in a dog's eyes at night. No, he wasn't obsessed, just intrigued. Nevertheless, he had to get those thoughts out of his mind, stay focused, especially with his biggest skip ever sitting at a table right in front of him. He found a seat near the door, sat down, and watched as the woman he met last night brought a round of drin

Clinton, Trump, and the Zombie Apocalypse

Photo Credit: W hile Americans scramble around to determine who they will vote for this election season, I (and many others that know the truth of the coming zombie apocalypse) have a very different criteria for choosing a candidate. In this post I will attempt to determine how each of these candidates might help or hinder the ability of our nation's populace to survive during the coming zombie apocalypse. First off, I will set some parameters for this exercise. I think it would be unfair to throw a zombie outbreak on either of these candidates right off so I will base this evaluation on the assumption that the candidates will be in their second term of office. This gives each of them the opportunity to put forth some of the plans in which they currently pontificate. I'll cover each candidate in a future scenario, using their current views and plans as a basis for a possible future for America and the world. First up, Hillary Clinton.

Sunday Excerpt 20

Lexi woke early the next morning, despite falling into her lumpy bed just hours before. She spent the day walking a short distance along South Boulevard, visiting thrift stores, and buying some great retro clothes with her tip money from the night before. Throughout the day, her thoughts wandered incessantly back to the mystery man that showed up in the alleyway. On the one hand, she despised his flagrant chauvinism. He probably thought it was his place to save the defenseless damsel in distress. He probably even thought he was doing her a favor. On the other hand, he did get Lefty away from her, in a sense, saving Lefty, but he would never know that. But there was something deeper about him that intrigued her. Even in their brief meeting, she knew what kept him on her mind. His intense look held her, for that moment, like a deer frozen in the headlights of an oncoming car. She felt a power in his dark eyes she'd only felt in the presence of her Grandfather. Not the kind of powe