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Children and the Wigglin Water Sprinkler

Bet you thought this post was going to be about some kid's outdoor water toy. No, it's more about the fine art of helping the Grandson learn how to pee in a toilet. My little Grandson is just learning how to go in the toilet, and he does a pretty good job, except that he sometimes holds his little wee wee too hard (and with both hands) as he's going. This, of course, leads to a situation we in the man's world call "no flow." He'll stand there for a minute and then say, "Pee pee not coming out, Papa." I'll look and confirm there is no flow and say, "Okay, let's wash your hands." This is when he releases his kung fu grip and sends water spewing forth with the surety of Old Faithful and the predictability of a Banzai wigglin water sprinkler. Papa ends up with a mess to clean. At the daycare he attends, they have the children lean forward on the toilet with their hands against the fill tank. He's done this a few times at