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Sunday Excerpt 19

Another double scene entry. This time because the first scene is so short. Enjoy. Frost slowed his truck as he approached the parking lot, bringing his apartment building into view. When he approached the drive, for reasons unknown, he stepped on the gas and continued down the boulevard instead of turning in. minutes later, he found himself pulling into the parking lot of the Pink Pony bar and grill as if his entire drive was on autopilot. Somewhere, in the darkest corners of his mind, he wanted to see her again. He did not even know her name, and yet, she invaded his thoughts. The bar was closed, locked up with all the lights off except the neon sign over the front door. It was past two in the morning, probably later, as the first hues of purples and pinks were making their way along the eastern horizon. His hopes deflated, he turned the truck around and headed back to his apartment. Time to call it a night . § Later that morning, despite not having a job to go to, Frost wo

Sunday Excerpt 18

In this first scene of a new chapter, You'll get to know a quirky charater, Becky. This character's quirks are actually a result of a writing challenge I completed at a local writer's group meeting. A writer's group is kind of like AA with more self-pity and more steps then one could possibly hope to accomplish. Her rounds complete, Alexis plopped down on a chair at her newly designated 'employee' table and watched Becky sway seductively to classic rock and country songs, while a few desperate men sitting below threw dollar bills on the stage. Becky expertly maneuvered around the money, occasionally scooping down in some kind of dance move to pick it up. Alexis watched her dancing on the stage until Sam yelled for last call. With that, came more drink orders, more flirting, and a few more meager tips. Sam cut the music and turned up the house lights right at two in the morning, ushering customers out the door, as she gathered glasses and beer bottles from the

Sunday Excerpt 17

Another short scene to close out a short chapter. Frost drove to the main Montgomery police station to drop off Lefty and collect his ticket. Lefty was silent on the twenty block drive, which suited him just fine. Frost thought of the woman in the alleyway as he drove. Even in the darkness, he could tell she was beautiful, but it was not her looks that impressed him most. What impressed him most was her confidence. Even if she was just a little rude when he arrived and saved her, he got the impression she could take care of herself. Maybe she did have lefty under control, although it certainly didn't look like it. Frost dropped Lefty off at the police station, handing him off to the processing clerk for prints and the ceremonial strip search, before heading across the street to the JB bail bond office. He almost felt sorry for Lefty. The more he thought about the woman, the more he started to think he had really saved Lefty and not her. He couldn't even begin to imagine th

Sunday Excerpt 16

Okay, so this week will be a short excerpt. If one were reading this as part of the book, this scene would serve as a kind of break or reprieve from the introduction of a new character. I suppose it also gives Lexi time to digest the introduction of someone new. The smell of cigarette smoke and booze filled Alexis' senses as she stepped back into the bar, the door squeaking closed behind her. The bar had gained a few new customers in the few minutes she was gone. She made a quick round to collect drink orders and then headed to the bar to give them to Sam. He was still standing at the small sink and, as usual, washing glasses. He'd apparently been washing glasses since she walked out the side door with the trash, and didn't even notice she was gone. He might not be the most observant, but he's probably got the cleanest glasses around. "I've got some orders for you." She put a small slip of paper on the bar. "Thanks, Paulina, but you're go

Sunday Excerpt 15

Chapter three introduces a new character to the story, Kyle Frost. Although he prefers to simple be called "Frost." At first Frost seems like a relatively simple character with a straightforward mission, But I hope you will find that throughout the story his true complexity becomes clear, as well as the part he must play in the future. Enjoy: Frost shielded his eyes against the harsh pink glow of  neon light as he crossed the alleyway beside the Pink Pony bar and grill. The day had been a long and exhausting one. First, losing his full-time job, then Jake Ballinger, his skip trace contract, having only some lowlife punk wannabe for him to hunt down, at least things couldn't get worse this evening. His skip should be easy enough to find, as long as he was willing to search every sleazy strip joint and bar on South Boulevard. And, what kind of nickname was "Lefty" anyway? Frost snickered to himself as the stupid-sounding nickname knocked around his brain.