Celebrating Survival: Breast Cancer Awareness

As some of you may know, October is breast cancer awareness month. Why, one might ask, did I wait until nearly the end of the month to post on this subject? I chose the third week of the month to celebrate breast cancer survival. A kind of "I made it to the end" theme.

Please take the time to learn a little about breast cancer and how we can all work together in hopes of someday alleviating this nuisance from our world. One can get started at this breast cancer awareness website.

We must all remember that breast cancer can affect anyone. Even if you do not get breast cancer yourself, you could be effected by a friend or family member with breast cancer. I'm sure that many of you, at least, know someone that has or has had breast cancer.

My Grandmother lost her battle with breast cancer, among other things, a few years ago. My mother-in-law is a breast cancer survivor.

Many folks you might have heard of have had breast cancer, including those listed below:

Kylie Minogue
Melissa Etheridge
Sheryl Crow
Olivia Newton-John
Nancy Reagan
Sandra Day O'Connor
Julia Child
And many others.

And women are not the only ones that can get breast cancer. Richard Roundtree suffered from breast cancer. Richard Roundtree, for those of you that might know him, played Shaft way back in the seventies.

So there it is. My tribute to breast cancer awareness month. I wanted to make sure I squeezed this in before all the Halloween festivities began and we got bogged down in elections, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and the slew of other holidays bunched into the end of the year.


  1. I am so glad you mentioned that men can get it too. Remember people, just because you survive breast cancer does not mean you cannot get it somewhere else; so be vigilant and get those regular checkups.

  2. Well damn! That picture is fantastic!! Nothing draws more attention that a great photo, and nothing deserves more attention than a great cause. I applaud you : )

  3. Awesome post and so important! Both of my grandmother's (mother's side and father's side) died of breast cancer and so did my aunt. You're so right about knowing someone who has it/had it - we all probably know a few - too many in fact...

  4. It's really wonderful that men are taking an interest in breast cancer because it's true that men do get breast cancer. I like the reminders. Thank you.


  5. Thanks for the post. My TV is running in the background and there's a breast cancer awareness commercial on. It's wonderful to see this cause getting more exposure.

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