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All Hallo's Saint's Day Eve

H appy Halloween everyone. That being said, ever wonder why we wish others a 'happy' Halloween? Halloween, although nothing like we see today originated along with ancient religions and belief systems. Pagans celebrated Halloween as a day where the dead walked among the living. The concept of wearing scary costumes came from a need to scare away evil spirits, not other trick or treaters. I find it amazing that Halloween did not become the fun-filled night of debaucherous deities until Americans got hold of it, and twisted age-old traditions into a party. Well ... that's not entirely true. The act of giving candy actually came out of attempts to end the Halloween event by the Catholic Church. Yes folks, All Saints day was an invention by the church to pull those nasty pagans away from their October 31st ritual. It is no surprise that All Saints day is on November first. The original act of giving was for those living to give gifts to their dead ancestors. I coul

A Teary-Eyed Goodbye

Y es folks, it is with much regret that I inform you that I've left the last bastion of my childish ways behind. What does this mean, you ask? No, I'm not quitting my blog. That's one bastion of childishness I'll never leave behind. I mean, come on, a man has to have some form of childish release, right? Sadly, I've given up my gas-guzzling, overpowered, statement of male over-compensation truck, for a more sensible vehicle. Some of you might remember way back when I posted about my truck (okay, I just looked, and never posted about it here). It was a beautiful beast, with over five hundred horsepower viper motor, twenty-two inch aluminum alloy rims wrapped in big fat pirelli scorpion rubber, and a wing in the back to hold the back end down at high speeds. I've now moved on to the more sensible, if not as fast, Chevrolet Impala. I bought the 2005 base model. I must say, the ride is luxurious and I've gone from less that fourteen miles per gallon using

Ants and Birds

I know most of you must be thinking to yourself, "what the heck was that title all about?" But, I assure you, I"m going somewhere with this. My son recently returned from overseas and spent some time at home before going to his new duty assignment. Of course, no trip home would be complete without buying some new clothes. My son picked out a new shirt in about five minutes, and was done. I looked, halfheartedly, then declared I didn't see anything I liked. My wife loaded up on numerous 'potential' outfits, and went to the dressing room to try them on. Don't get me wrong. I'm not complaining. I've had to return clothes before because I did not try them on, but somehow, I still never learn. Anyway, while waiting, my son breaks out his new Apple phone and hands it to me. On his phone was a simple little video game called "Angry Birds." It looked rather stupid but I thought I would give it a try as I had some time to kill. Withing fiv

Occupy This

It is not often I feel so strongly about something that I am willing to stick my neck out there. Especially, when I live in an area so highly populated with others having an ax to grind. For nearly the last month, we've all watched the coverage of the Occupy Wall Street protests on the news, on twitter, and all the social networking sites. Many people have taken sides on the issue, and it appears, battle lines are being drawn.  New Occupy (insert location here) protests have since sprung up in many major cities throughout our great United States. But, what is this movement (or revolution, as some see it) all about? The motto that those within this movement chose to adopt is: We are the 99%. What, exactly do these protesters mean by this? Basically, the top 1% of our nation's population accounts for 22.8% of earned income wages for the entire nation. The other 99% account for the other 78% of wages earned. This is where I begin to rant. First off, this top 1% are t

A Change of Venue

My posts have been rather sketchy lately. Some of you may even be wondering, "What the heck is going on with this guy?" Truth is, I've had a slew of changes this year. Changes in health, relationships, work, and my own writing desires. Most of you know that I've written under a pen name for nearly the last year. Some of you may have been missing some of my other quirky writings in the areas of speculative fiction, crime and mystery, and even silly satire. Although I will continue to write under my pen name, and one will still be able to find stories of paranormal fantasy, urban fantasy, and even some romantic suspense under that name, I will begin to limit the amount of pure erotica written. It is not some sudden moral enlightenment or religious realization that prompts this action; rather, it is simply a matter of time. Time is the most precious of all commodities. I know I speak of time as a commodity, but that is simply a metaphor. Time cannot be bought, sold