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In Praise of the [hard] Working Author

Today I feel re-energized, ready to get my writing back in gear. Lawrence Block, Author Photo Was it because of some cosmic or religious epiphany? Was it because another person or writer snuck up behind me and provided me with the swift kick in the rear I so desperately need? Maybe, but not in the sense of an actual kick in the rear. While all of these events would certainly be welcome, it was because, in frustration of not being able to put word on paper, I gave up and decided to read a book--read a book for pleasure, not research. So, I perused through the ebook listings with little avail until I did a new search for Lawrence Block, one of my favorite go-to authors. Well, I guess he's the favorite, since I've had a falling out of sorts with Lee Child, ending years of infatuation over his decision to allow the diminutive Tom Cruise to be cast in the first movie made from his works. But, that's another story found here:


Sometimes objects inspire. In my case, I am inspired by the beauty and mechanical preciseness of a vintage (antique now) typewriter. So inspired, am I, that I thought I would post my first typecast onto this blog. Probably will not do it too often as it involves much work. Before I do much more of this, I must install the proper software to my printer so it can scan to my computer. A recent realization is that my printer is not exactly plug and play. So, anyway. Here goes. Although I was born and raised in a time when we still used manual typewriters, I had forgotten how to use the number "1" as there is no key for this on an older typewriter. It was not until I finished this little note that I remembered to use a lower case "L" as a one.  My first vintage typewriter:  A Smith-Corona Sterling from 1952