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Have You Met the Purple Prosenator?

I know what you're thinking. What is a purple prosenator and why would anyone want one? Well my friends, the Purple Prosenator is a special vintage typewriter that I created for those times when I must resort to the use of purple prose to enhance the commercial success of certain writing projects. First of all, you might be asking, what is purple prose? Well, I'm glad you asked. the term purple prose is believed to come from the poet Horace. He coined the term to reference a writing style that was, to say the least, verbose and over the top. In those times, as it seems now, the color purple represented royalty, high societal standing, and maybe even a little bit of pompousness in ones character.  Of course not everyone was of such caliber so many desiring to be seen as such would sew patches of purple cloth into their clothing in an attempt to appear so. Nowadays, the term has taken on a slightly different meaning specifically referencing some writing in the romance

Fidget Spinner: Fact or Fallacy

How much would you pay to possess the newest fad? Fidget Spinners can cost as little as a couple dollars (US) to upwards of eighty dollars for one with all the bells and whistles. Although none of these actually have bells or whistles. Some fidget spinners do light up though. Fidget Spinners also come in different shapes and sizes. Some are two-bladed but most are three-bladed. Some have pictures on them or are shaped like the Batman symbol. I wonder if the fidget spinner will be around for a long time like the yo-yo or slinky? Manufactures of fidget spinners often claim that fidget spinners are must-have for those suffering from ADHD, autism, depression, just about any other ailments, although very little empirical proof exists to support these claims. Most teachers claim that if they see that thing again, it will be taken away and is going into their desk. Funny how the claims can be so grand and proof so limited but I suppose that the rapid rise in popularity can surely be a