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A Writer's Folly

Before dawn. I sit in the darkness, my fingers poised over the keys waiting for inspiration, like lightning, to bring the thoughts forth from the deepest regions of my soul, bringing my fingers to life until words appear on the blank white abyss of screen before me. All my life I've found pleasure in occasionally jotting thoughts and stories down on paper, or lately, a computer. A few years ago, I embarked upon a writing adventure where I had to write every day and I was motivated to produce something of value every couple of months. I'd reached a relatively comfortable place, selling my stories online and bringing in a very modest return. Nonetheless, it was a return, and it was enough to foster continued motivation to write in the genre that was producing said return. Trouble is, over time I grew tired of simply creating differing angles on a similar plot so I decided to let that facet of my writing ride while I worked on other, longer projects. When this l