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Fall Updates

  I'll just call this post my fall update. Really though, it is a gardening update along with news of my recent operation to have some bumps removed from my eyelid that was causing some vision problems. A lone pickling cucumber braving the last days of Summer. New crop in: broccoli and collards. Eggplant-the biggest producer of the Summer. A couple of sizable eggplants in the fridge.   A forest of tomato. Fried green tomatoes anyone? First, the aquaponics gardening update since this news is better. I just planted my fall crop of broccoli, brussels sprouts, and collards. The two eggplants that completely took over an entire growing bed are now gone, having produced their last eggplant. Also gone are the cilantro and basil. After the new plants were established, I planted some Simpson lettuce from seed. It should take a couple weeks to be ready for transplanting in the system. When the lettuce is ready, I'll start poking it into whatever empty

IWSG - Creative Shutdown

Today, I will keep my comments brief. I've been having some vision issues lately so writing has become difficult as of late. In addition to all this, I have been affected by the government shutdown, although, I suppose, not as much as I could've been. I've still got a job and will continue to report to work as usually throughout the resolution of our governmental and budgeting woes. Unfortunately, I will be working without pay until further notice. But hey, at least I've still got a job, right? Because of these things, my creativity has been smooshed. I'm hoping to keep driving on and use my forthcoming dire economic situation to kickstart my creative juices. It is too bad our Congress and President could not (will not) call upon the benefit of personal economic hardship as a catalyst to get stuff done. That's all I have to say about that. To read about what other, more motivated writers have to say this first Wednesday of the month, click HERE .