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Writing Space

I'm so pleased to announce that, for Christmas this year, my wife made me a writing office. I'm so excited that I just have to tell everyone about it here on my blog. This first picture shows the office from the entrance. Of course, the office was made from a bedroom in our house, left vacant by one of our, now grown-up kids. We repainted the walls, put up new curtains. My wife bought me a new desk, chair, and book shelf. I know the office seems a little sparse right now, but just give me six months and it will be cluttered full of notes like all writer's offices should be. I'm really liking the office so far. Just yesterday, I woke up early and pounded out a couple hundred words before the coffee finished brewing. The second picture shows the office as seen from the far wall (with the window) looking back toward the door. Barely visible on the right side, is one of my guitars. Now I can pluck away in peace while conjuring up inspiration for a current story. T

'Tis The Season

No doubt, the Christmas season is upon us. We may not have snow, or even cold weather, down here in the Deep South, but what we do have more than makes up for those old yule icons of yor. Those Northerners must be thinking, "how does anyone know its Christmas time in the South if there's no snow, and it's 78 degrees?" One word: Cars. Yes, cars! Now we can all be assured Christmas is near when the highways and byways of our bustling little burbs become flooded with cars sporting fake fluffy antlers, and even big red balls, affixed by any means available to door frames and front grills. Gone are the days where respectable Southerners declare their allegiance to their college of choice (either Alabama or Auburn, doesn't matter which one) through colorful flags, hanging on for dear life with tiny plastic stands wedged into car windows; tiger tails hanging out of trunks. Maybe, just for this special season, these icons of allegiance are replaced with sway-bac

What The Bleep

 Hey, don't laugh, maybe they ran out of 'G's. Besides they would not have had enough space to put the letter in there anyway. Just live with it. Shut up and eat your anus wrap. You know, it couldn't be any worse then when KFC tried to cash in during the 2008 elections by offering the "Hillary" special. It came in a special blue box and contained two small breasts, two big fat thighs, and a left wing. It sold for $7.25, but if you gave them a ten spot, they'd give you back hope and change! What a bargain. Okay, I'm not making any kind of political statement here. Just trying to be funny, so put away your knives. Happy December everyone. I don't know, can we still legally say Christmas?