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The Journal Post

 As one can clearly see, I've not completely harnessed the ability to put aside distractions. I suspect a full year is long enough to go without posting on this blog and I'm sure I've upset my followers -- all forty or so of them. It's probably time I posted another story of lessons learned during my childhood and adolescence, but I'll save that for another day as well. What I want to post today is simply a sort of journal entry in an attempt to get back on track. Let's see, I'm still working on no less than seven different story ideas with seemingly no ability to finish one of them. The story ideas are still ranging from science fiction to fantasy.  Perusing through the statistics for my blog, I've realized that my most popular (most viewed) posts were about typewriters in my small collection. Are that many people interested in old typewriters or are typewriter enthusiasts just more dedicated than others? On another note, I recently attended a novel-wri