A Flawless Rescue

I was going to post a personal story today of a time in my childhood when I did not listen to my parents and nearly drown in a river. Instead, I was moved by the news to post a short piece on the rescue of the thirty-three miners in Chile.

A rescue that was originally supposed to happen by Christmas at the latest, and with little hope that all would survive, ended in great triumph and emotion.

I must take time to applaud the Chilean President and his wife for sticking it out to the end and supporting each and every one of the miners as they emerged from the rescue shuttle. The President's wife shed honest tears of joy for every arrival right up to the last. This serves as a testament to the true good will in a position normally fraught with political maneuvering and positioning. All that seemed to be put aside while the entire Chilean country and government stood behind and pushed forward the rescue effort.

I know that I normally post about writing and satire, but I thought this event warranted a change of venue just this once.

I think that our own United States government could learn from the example set by this seemingly third-world country in how to conduct one's self both politically and personally. Maybe it is time that our own current administration take the opportunity to provide some of that transparency and bridge-building promised during the election campaign.


  1. Here! Here! James what a great point. In this time of violence,poverty and shameless power struggles it is great to see a happy ending. If only here in America we could see more goodnews and less empty promises.

  2. Everything about this story is amazing!

  3. Yes! The whole thing was lovely. Jim, please write a piece about almost drowning in the river. I love stories from our childhood written and remembered by you.

  4. I was watching live throughout the entire rescue. It was so amazing and inspiring... I was in tears watching each man come out and be reunited with his family.

  5. It was a heartwarming event to be sure. I'm guessing that there will be a book and/or a movie about this news event soon. It sure had the intrique and suspense. Not so much the waiting two-thousand below the surface, but all the things happening above and the discoveries of those folks left waiting.

    I mean, come on. One of the guy's wife discovers his mistress while she waits out the sixty-nine days. And then the mistress shows up for the dramatic rescue because the wife refuses?

    It must be true-you just can't write this stuff!


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