Introductory Poem

As many of you know from my previous posts, I've completed a project (well, the draft anyway) and am now editing and shopping for beta readers. The reasoning behind all the insecurity? This is a project far-removed from what I normally write.

I will, as editing progresses, post excerpts of this work here before moving them to a permanent page in the tabs above.

Meantime, a friend and fellow member of a local writer's group wrote a poem that I just love. I would like to convince her to allow me to use this poem at the beginning of my story if published because it rapidly drills into the very consciousness of my main character.

The poem was written by Jennie Fiumefreddo and is posted here (as written) with her permission. Remember that name folks, as you'll likely be seeing it on store bookshelves someday.


Jennie Fiumefreddo

You don't even scream as I begin,

Bondage lies in the shackles of sin.

The smell of my skin makes your nostrils flare,

The pounding of lust blocks the danger there.

In a frenzy hands and mouth they defile,

You are losing control and that makes me smile.

As I straddle the heat your eyes open wide,

Its too late to stop the beast that's inside.

Draw your last breath; spill forth your seed.

Regret is tethered to the strength of need.

The seduction is brief but the ending the same,

You cease to exist so that I can remain.

Jennie says this poem came to her on a whim after I read an excerpt from my current work at a meeting of our local writers group, The Last Word. By the way, this is a writer that normally enjoys writing children's stories and poems. Wow, I didn't know you had it in you. I only hope that we can remain friends after you read my incredibly, embarassingly erotic (or is it simply pornographic?) manuscript.

Thank you, Jennie, for allowing me to post this.


  1. I like the poem. Thanks for sharing and thank you for your comment on my blog.


  2. Looks like Jennie has an inner poet. That's great that it fits your opening.

  3. How 'bout a new word -- poro-erotico.

    Glad I could help.

    Sandy Branum


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