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Sunday Excerpt 10

Yes, I know it is actually Monday. Better late than never I guess. For your reading pleasure: Alexis walked into the cool darkness of the Pink Pony Bar and Grill, swiveling her head left and right, looking for a bathroom. The walls and windows had all been painted over in black or dark purple, and a small stage extended from the back wall with a long catwalk in the center. Three men sitting together seemed to be the only customers in the place. They all stared at her as if dazzled by the sunlight streaming in behind her through the open door. This was not looking much like a respectable bar and grill. A lone bartender stood behind the bar, washing glasses and whistling to himself. He looked up as the door closed behind her. Alexis saw a small sign marked "Bathrooms" at the far left of the building, and made a beeline to the alcove under the sign. "No free bathrooms," the bartender yelled, as she entered the alcove. "Bathroom use is with purchase only.&quo

Sunday Excerpt 9

Gravel crunched under the tires of the car as Leonidas pulled into the auto repair shop that also served as Ellijay's taxi garage. Two of the company's three cars were parked inside the garage, so there was a good chance one of the drivers would remember Alexis. It didn't take much to come to the conclusion she had taken a taxi somewhere. She did not own a car and, as far as Leo knew, she'd left her family's property on foot. There weren't many places to go in Ellijay with its one main street. If Alexis had not left town in a taxi, she would have to be hiding out somewhere in the vast forest of the Rich Mountain Wilderness. If she was in the forest, he would have no problem finding her. No, she would not go to a place where they could both run free in their shifted form. She would choose the city where the overload of sights, sounds and smells would make it difficult to track her. "Hello?" Leonidas yelled into the empty garage, his voice echoing bac