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Two Steps Back

Y es, one might think that things always work out this way-two steps back for every one step forward. But, in this case, I think a couple steps back is just what I needed. I recently posted an excerpt of a story I'm working on. It was an idea really, in draft form. It was my attempt to add some depth to a character in a story. Well, a big thank you goes out to Donna Hole, the only person responding to the post and having the cajones grandes to set me straight with some real solid honest feedback. Of course, I must also thank my wife who, after reading the excerpt and Donna's statement, agreed with everything she said. I must admit, the feedback from my wife broke my heart, but that's a good thing. Sometimes a broken heart is an open heart. It took this to get through my pride and make me step back and see this more as a reader than the writer; the creator. So, what am I doing with this now? After some evaluation, I realized that everything was wrong with this charac

The Last Post

J ust wanted to announce that this post represents my last. In fact, this may be the last time any of you see or hear from me. T wenty minutes ago, I received the results of today's Florida lottery drawing. After a short discussion with my new lawyer, I've decided, along with my wife, to pull up stakes and will be moving to an undisclosed island somewhere in the carribean. O f course, I will still write but will likely do so under an assumed name. It has been a pleasure but all good things must come to an end. In my case, I am leaving the good for something even greater. T o all my followers, friends, and family - Fare ye well.