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Adventures in Building

I suppose I should've made the title to this post:   "How to Spend as Much Money on a Small Deck as The Canvas Gazebo You Bought On Sale."  Although this title may be more fitting, it would probably not fit in the space provided by blogger for a title. Yes, I finally finished my little backyard project and now have a strong foundation for our poolside gazebo. When the winds come through the South in late Summer and Fall, my little deck will surely remain intact. As for the metal and canvas gazebo? I'm not so sure. It is true in construction as well as writing that a strong foundation is the most important thing to accomplish before the rest of the structure can be strong. As requested, here's my report, along with pictures! I started by marking out the area in which I wanted to build the little ground-level deck. I gathered up materials from the local home store. I found that since the gazebo was ten foot by twelve foot, and I wanted a few inches a