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Sunday Excerpt 4 - Leonidas

Although I really introduced Leonidas in the last scene, this scene is where one might begin to get some insight into his personality. Yes, he is a snotty young, self-righteous, spoiled ass but everyone must begin somewhere. Please enjoy and tell me what you think in the comments section. Leonidas burst through the double doors of his father's bedroom. He did not bother to knock first, and ran in already yelling about the self-righteous brat, Alexis; but his father, sick and in bed, barely moved. "That Califan girl is an indignant prude." Leo flailed his arms as if attempting flight as he spoke. "I just reminded her of our arranged mating and she nearly choked me to death, and ran off." His father slowly raised his hand in an attempt to stop the rant. "My guess is that you were doing more than just reminding her of the arrangement." His father stopped to catch his breath before continuing. "If you cannot grow up and learn some humility, you

A Ground-Floor Opportunity

No, this is not some kind of sales pitch where I try to convince you that if you purchase a tremendous inventory of daly-wags you will soon be rich beyond your wildest dreams. Of course, before your dream of riches comes to fruition, you will have to convince twelve other people to buy the same useless inventory and have them convince twelve people each to do the same. Then you will become rich -- or broke. I guarantee at least one of those things will happen. Wait. Where was I going with this. No, really. I'm not here to sell you anything. Well, although that could be debated, I would like to present you with the opportunity to help a good friend and new author. A friend of mine recently entered the author foray and has published his first book. It is a mystery story and, though I've had the opportunity to read some of his draft editions, I wanted to provide links for his website and works for those of you just itching to read something new. The Author's name is We

Sunday Excerpt 3 - Introduction of Leonidas

I n today's excerpt, a new character is introduced: Leonidas. Leonidas is the son of the Caesar, the current leader within the community. Unfortunately, he is a stubborn, stupid, and self-righteous young man who causes more trouble than good. I hope you absolutely hate this character. Furthermore, I hope that, as the story progresses, you'll come to understand him-maybe even pity him-although that's entirely up to you. Alexis barely heard the creaking wooden door over her sobs. She turned to the sound but remained crouching in the dark corner behind stacks of apple crates. A shadow moved across the ground and she knew it was Leonidas before he came into view. As he cornered the row of apple crates, she jumped up to a standing position. She attempted to quickly brush her hands across her face and hide evidence of her sobbing. "I was walking by and heard someone inside, so I decided to check it out," A smirk formed on his mouth, creasing the edges in single si

Sunday Excerpt 2

T his week I introduce you to the first main character of the story. One might feel a little of her personality right from the beginning, Yes, she is strong-willed but is still young. This excerpt also provides some insight into the kind of community she lives in, their social hierarchy, and customs. Enjoy, and please comment below with thoughts and criticisms if you desire to do so. "I just will not do it, and there is not a soul on this earth that can make me.” Alexis stood up straight and stared her parents down for the first time in her life. "And that includes the two of you." She immediately shrank back into the kitchen chair, tears welling up in her eyes despite her best efforts. "We know you don't understand now, Lexi," her mother reached out to stroke her dark hair. "But, in time you'll realize that marrying Leonidas will be the best thing for our family, and our entire community." "What about what I want?" Alexis ask

A Day with Zombies

I suppose I should not be calling them "zombies" but "walkers" instead. I mean, that's what they're called on AMC's The Walking Dead. As the title implies, I was fortunate enough to recently tour various filming sights around Senoia, Georgia for the previously mentioned show. We decided this year that, instead of spending money on expensive gifts that might be forgotten by the new year, we would invest in an experience that we could share. So, shortly after Christmas, we dropped family off at the Atlanta airport and pointed our car South to Senoia. Overall, the experience was great. This was a bus tour and we were given these nifty bracelets to distinguish us among the masses as the geeky movie tourists we were. The tour guide was a self-described professional walker. Yes, he was an actor for the show and had been a walker on numerous occasions. His claim to fame is that he'd been killed by nearly every cast member in many different ways.

Sunday Excerpt 1

I'm about to throw out some freebies! Thought I would try something new for this year and beyond. I'm hoping this might foster new readership and afford current and future readers a look into the magical dark wretched world of writing and story creation. Henceforth and hitherto I will post an excerpt (a scene or two) each Sunday from a current work in progress. I will welcome your thoughts, criticisms, critiques, or simple comments as the work progresses. Those of you who follow my pen name writing might soon recognize the first work I will post. This story was previously published under said pen name but has since been pulled from publication to incorporate rewrites, re-titling and, eventually, republication. I've been wanting desperately to work on other projects but this proposed series (for reasons beyond my comprehension) will not allow it. I currently have three or fours novels under this story line jogging around in my head and it simply will not go away until I

New Year-New Hopes

Blog? What's that? Yes, the blog suffered gross neglect through most of last year as its owner suffered writer's block, mid-life crisis, lack of motivation, preoccupation, or any other stupid worthless excuse one might contrive. After finishing our gazebo in June, I became engrossed in moving my aquaponic garden and getting it set up in its new location. I completed the conversion of an an old canvas storage structure into a greenhouse a few months later and was immediately hit with the insurmountable task of keeping the greenhouse cool in the Southeast Alabama Mid-Summer heat. Many of my new plants bolted as soon as they grew past the seedling stage. I also built a large enclosure for our two ducks, Cheese and Quackers. They now enjoy a space larger than the chickens are afforded with their own little house and kiddy pool pond. Construction of a new larger pond will commense soon as I now acquired most of the material needed for the project. The dominating issue I face