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Month of February Closes

Here it is, the last day of February. February is a strange and wonderful month of transition. The name "February" comes from the latin term "Februum" and it means "Purification." It is said that the Romans peformed purification rituals on or about the 15th day of February. That being said, the Romans did not originally have February in their calender (or January for that matter) because it fell in the winter, and they considered winter to be a monthless period, whatever that means. It is also interesting to note that February is the month chosen to have only twenty eight days. Of course, we all know this is because, when the gregorian calendar was invented, the math didn't work out so they just took a few days off of February to make it work. It's funny that February has twenty nine days every leap-year. Here's another interesting, if not completely useless tidbit of information: Leap years fall on all years divisible by four (except 100 and 4

The Ongoing Ballad of Daleville Dan

I've got a cat problem. Somehow, through some strange power unknown to me, I've managed to attract every neighborhood stray to the hood of my truck. They pee on my tires and the bushes in front of my house, taunt my dog as he barks, helplessly from inside the living room window, and on more than one occasion, I swear at least one of them has flashed me an evil smile as it walked slowly out of my yard in the middle of the night. Fed up with the infestation, I borrowed an animal trap from a friend and caught me a cat. I caught the cat because I was told there is no service for picking up strays in my town. I called every humane society branch within three counties only to be told that they are not currently accepting cats but they would be happy to put me on a waiting list. In desperation, I called the dispatcher for the local police department to ask if they could do anything. The dispatcher answered my question short and rude, obviously suffering from a lack of morning coffee a

Opening Post

Welcome to all that may venture upon my little blog. Here you will find musings and essays on life in general. You can follow my assimilation into small-town Southern America and read fictionalized stories of yore (my youth) as well as comments and fictionalized accounts of current events. I try not to get into politics but ... oh what the hell, I might as confess ... everything is politics, and I like to yell from a soapbox just like the next guy! Some of these items I may have posted elsewhere, but here you'll get the backstory. That is, you'll learn the secrets of what brought about some particular piece of work. If you are a family member, you might find some of this work enjoyable and insightful. If you are a friend or passerby, you might find the work insightful, truthful, comical, or just plain stupid. I will also post excerpts of current writing projects here. You may comment if you wish. Please be advised that some material posted here may not be suitable for children

Blog opening test

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