Spring has Sprung

Well, the first day of Spring has come and gone. I may have missed it completely if not for the radio.

Funny thing about Spring. Things just seem to sit dormant all winter, and then suddenly one day, bam, all things are alive and taking over. I so quickly became overwhelmed with everything having to be done at once, that my yard now appears with its usual "Sanford & Son" look. Oh well, soon Summer will be here to scorch my property to the very edge of its existence.

Seconds, minutes, hours, days.
They all blend together in a hot flashing haze.
Force me to rise and see what new torture the sunrise brings.
The angry forceful advance of new life, in this season we call, Spring.

In other news, I'm still working on rewriting and adding to the same scene in the same story that I've been working on all Winter long. In this story, Joseph Johnson, one of my main characters is former military and member of a special operations unit. I'm attempting to add depth to his personality by showing his struggle with PTSD. I'm doing this through the addition of short scenes throughout the story of situations he's found himself in.

My attempt is to add these scenes in places where something has happened to him or he must make some decision. So far I've started the first addition that involves a flashback to a time he was being ex-filled from a daytime mission in the Middle East. In this scene, the helicopter he boards is shot down shortly after takeoff. I don't want to cover too much of this, instead only showing the action itself.

Anyway, for those that may be interested, This story will be ready for beta-readers soon. Send me an email if you might be interested in this and I'll send you what I have for your evaluation. Keep in mind that this story is a rewriting of something written under a pen name. Certainly though, those of you who read the other story will find in this rewriting, much has changed.

In old typewriter collecting news, I've posted a video on youtube of my favorite collectible typewriter: The Remington Remette. You might remember my previous post about that machine on this blog, Remette, the Family Typewriter-April 2014 but for those of you who are more visually stimulated, here's the video: