News from the Nether

Wow, it's been an exciting few months. Well, actually, five months. I've been working on me-rebuilding the me you know I suppose.  As most of you know, I've written some, ah, ehm, adult urban fantasy and other stories under a pen name. I've since taken the two novel-length works and performed some heavy editing/rewriting in order to make them more palatable to the masses. The second story, which will now be the first, did not need much in the way of  rewriting but the first, now the second, needed much work to try and remove some of the more "adult" situations. It is difficult to say the least. I mean, just how do you explain the life of a demon succubus without some adult interpretation? Anyway, that's coming along fine and I'm formulating outlines for book three and four as I write this.

On the suburban homesteading front, I've relocated my entire aquaponics garden operation and am now waiting for the new larger system to stabilize. Although the chemical makeup of the water and PH is all off  right now, it's still producing vegetables and the fish seem happy. I think this speaks volumes from a guy who grew up with a lone superpower to kill every living plant he touched.

I've been posting new videos on youtube about my aquaponics gardening efforts. Stay tuned because I will soon post videos (to go along with planned blog posts) featuring some book reviews, my old typewriter collection, and interviews of interesting people. Well, okay, people I find interesting.

I'm hoping that this short post will represent the beginning of a more regular blogging schedule from me, although I make no promises.