Duckling Dilemna

We recently purchased two ducklings from our local Tractor Supply Company store.They were oh so cute, and still are but, I must say, they grow extremely fast.

We brought these ducklings home about a week after bringing home six chicks. At first, they were so small, we were afraid the chicks would bully them-that changed quickly. They are now about twice the size as the chicks although they are not yet feathered. In contrast the chicks are nearly completely feathered.

Last night was their first time out in the wild (a chicken wire enclosure in the back yard) and they did not use the new duck home I'm building for them. Instead, the chicks piled in while the two ducklings huddled together near the big tub of water I've set out for them. I was afraid they would suffer from exposure as the overnight temperature dropped into the low sixties. I mean, hey, they don't even have a feather coat to wear, although that did not seem to bother them.

Today, I'll be working on their future home and preparing the chicken coop for the integration of the new chicks to the flock. When I first built the coop, I made it in such a way that it can be expanded. I will simply remove a wall and expand the coop area into a previous storage area. Of course, this means I will have to find a new location to store the chicken's food and snacks. I will also build a new roost that will be more accessible to the chicks. Don't really have to worry about helping the new arrivals find the nesting boxes for at least another four months.

Anyway, I'll be sure to post pictures of the ducks' house when it is all finished and painted.

Oh, and in case you haven't already seen this, I've posted an update of the ducklings on my youtube channel.

Made a video about it, like to see it? Here it goes:


  1. Yum, when's dinner - -
    Oh wait, I mean: Aww so cute. Loved the video, catchy.

    1. I don't fancy duck or duck eggs much. Now chicken, on the other hand, that's the bacon of the bird world!

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