Water Works

My Grandson is at that age where he is learning how to use a potty like a big boy. Unfortunely, the only example he has on how to pee standing up is me.

I'm very fortunate to have spend years in the military aviation field where we had numerous unannounced urinalysis testing. I can now pee on request - a great talent with limited application.

Even so, I find it extremely difficult to pee on request while standing next to a small child who is about waist high to me and is curious about EVERYTHING. It is a constant battle of wits and maneuvering - a constant ebb and flow, a start and stop of the action, if you know what I mean.

It seems, we are standing there for a long time before my grandson finally gets the inclination to let it go.

And when he finally does, let it go, I feel like I'm standing next to the Banzai wigglin waterpillar. Maybe if I put some cheerios into the bowl. that might be fun for me too.


  1. Ha ha ha. That's funny. Well, I hope it all works out all right for you and your grandson.



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