Discovering Talent

It is not very often that I get excited about artwork. Although I enjoy looking at wonderful pictures and they sometimes provide me with inspiration, I've never been a great connoisseur of artwork. I've recently seen the burgeoning talent in someone that is quickly changing my mind and giving me a new respect for art.

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce the world to a young artist I believe will do well in the future. I only hope that this article provides her the motivation to continue in her endeavor. I do not wish to embarrass, but her name is Hani Seo. She is a Korean college student living in Seoul South Korea. I first viewed her work on her facebook page, and now would like to try and convince her to sell some of her work.

Hani creates drawings and paintings in her own style - some reminiscent of other famous artists. Let me introduce you to some of her work.

This painting is my personal favorite. I named it: Sundial over Earth. The painting appears in a Postimpressionist style.

The painting is similar in style to that of Vincent Van Gogh, as depicted in his famous painting: Starry Night.

This is another work of hers I enjoy. I gave it the name: Teapot and Flowers.

The teapot and Flowers painting is similar to those by Claude Monet in a more realist style.

Above is a pencil drawing of a portrait. Again, in a realistic or postimpressionist style.

Similar to some of the drawings of Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec.

I also enjoy some of Hani's abstract work as shown below:

And, for your viewing pleasure, here's some of her other works:

Hani Seo has many other wonderful pencil drawings and paintings that I simply cannot fit here. I post these works because I believe that, some day, many will see her name again. So, if you enjoy what you've seen so far, join me in helping her on her path to greatness and convince her to sell some of her work.


  1. Thank you so much for leaving a comment. I was beginning to think my blog link was broken or something. Haven't had a comment on any of the last few posts.

  2. Glad you found someone who speaks to you through art...Her job is well done if she reaches even one person that way!


  3. I so like her paintings. She is very articulant and creative. She is truly a gifted artist. I wish her the best....


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