The Pinnacle of Weirdness

Wow, the pinnacle of weirdness.

I've finally reached it. I just finished reading a story titled "Pornucopia" by Piers Anthony. I'm a decent PA fan and like to read his stories that are more on the science fiction edge.

Let me see if I can give a brief synopsis without exceeding the limits of decency. In this story, a man is on the beach, sometime in the future, when he is approached (in daylight) by a Succubus. The Succubus soon discovers a stenchy cheese-like substance produced by the man's uncircumcised, and unwashed phallus. She also discovers this substance to have some "medicinal" properties.

Soon after, the man is introduced to some kind of demon doctor who steals his penis for her scientific research. This sets the man off on a quest to get his member back. He is, of course, fitted with a prosthetic by the doctor's twin sister. He spends the next one hundred pages or so duelling demons to the death through fornication until he finds what he is looking for - on the top of Ice Cream mountain (in some parallel universe). I must add that his prosthetic was just a stump or connection point. The doctor also gives him a plethora of attachments; each one useful for some particular demon.

Why am I espousing all this information? Reading this story made me feel so much better about myself. I mean, I put out some pretty weird stuff (according to family, friends, and associates) but I now believe that I have not even scratched the surface of weirdness. If this story is marketable, my erotic crime suspense story of a succubus being hunted by a police detective only to find out he is a werewolf when she tries to take his life force through intercourse - is within the realm of normality.

I must say, even though this story strectches the limits of imagination, dignity, and decency, it was still written in a way that I found appealing enough to continue reading to the end. I just found myself stopping often to utter, "WTF" outloud.

Nothing like a story of ultimate weirdness to spur me on to more confident writing of my, not-so-weird-after-all, story.