Daily Haiku - Bug

If you do not like profanity, avoid this haiku. What am I saying? Those not approving of my occasional profanities stopped following me years ago.

This haiku was created through an actual event. I really did see a bug-a spider, to be forthright. I think it might have been a black widow. I just know that it found itself a comfortable home in my chicken coop.

Anyway, here it is:

Okay, the spider shown in the picture is a wolf spider. They are big and formidable and carry hundreds of little wolf spider babies around on their backs. Plus, I like the name. The spider in the chicken coop did not really bite me on the leg.


Before you go gettin' your panties all up in a bunch, I know that a spider is not technically a bug. Neither is a spider an insect - rather, it is an arachnid, which is in classification of its own... but that's none of my business.