Sunday Excerpt 17

Another short scene to close out a short chapter.

Frost drove to the main Montgomery police station to drop off Lefty and collect his ticket. Lefty was silent on the twenty block drive, which suited him just fine. Frost thought of the woman in the alleyway as he drove. Even in the darkness, he could tell she was beautiful, but it was not her looks that impressed him most. What impressed him most was her confidence. Even if she was just a little rude when he arrived and saved her, he got the impression she could take care of herself. Maybe she did have lefty under control, although it certainly didn't look like it.
Frost dropped Lefty off at the police station, handing him off to the processing clerk for prints and the ceremonial strip search, before heading across the street to the JB bail bond office. He almost felt sorry for Lefty. The more he thought about the woman, the more he started to think he had really saved Lefty and not her. He couldn't even begin to imagine the embarrassment Lefty would face after having his ass kicked by some waitress in the back alley of a strip club. The thought of it made him giggle as he approached the bond office.
JB Bonds was locked up tight, no lights on except the small neon sign behind a row of bars in the front window, naming the place as a bond office. He would have to come back the next day to claim his ticket. Maybe Jake would have another skip for him by then. Exhaustion was tugging at him by the time he neared his little apartment off Rosa L. Parks Boulevard, but thoughts of the mystery woman still plagued him. He'd never seen her before, but felt he would see her again. He saw everybody in the area, and they were either working in some sleazy bar, or they were his next skip-trace ticket.

This scene, while rather mundane, provides some insight into Frost. I wanted to show what kind of person he is and a little about how he thinks without going off the rails on "telling." Of course, there is some "telling" here so I opted to keep it short.

Also, isn't it odd that Excerpt 17 is posted on the 17th?