Sunday Excerpt 16

Okay, so this week will be a short excerpt. If one were reading this as part of the book, this scene would serve as a kind of break or reprieve from the introduction of a new character. I suppose it also gives Lexi time to digest the introduction of someone new.

The smell of cigarette smoke and booze filled Alexis' senses as she stepped back into the bar, the door squeaking closed behind her. The bar had gained a few new customers in the few minutes she was gone. She made a quick round to collect drink orders and then headed to the bar to give them to Sam. He was still standing at the small sink and, as usual, washing glasses. He'd apparently been washing glasses since she walked out the side door with the trash, and didn't even notice she was gone.
He might not be the most observant, but he's probably got the cleanest glasses around.
"I've got some orders for you." She put a small slip of paper on the bar.
"Thanks, Paulina, but you're going to have learn to memorize your orders," Sam said as he scooped up the paper and started making the drinks.
"I'll work on that," she said, sliding onto a barstool while Sam finished the drinks, although she couldn't imagine herself working in this dive any longer than necessary.
She couldn't get that man from the alleyway out of her head. He appeared from nowhere, probably saving her from making a terrible mistake on her first night at work. She would probably never see him again, although the thought of it was not entirely revolting. Alexis collected her orders from the bar, and made her way around the room, trying to flirt with each customer as she handed them their drinks just enough to increase her tips.

Until next week then...