Sunday Excerpt 7 - Tatianna

This scene introduces a new character, Tatianna.

Tatianna was very briefing mentioned in the first few scenes but that was mere foreshadowing of a character that one may find is much more of a main character than previously thought. Tatianna becomes a driving force for many events throughout the story much like weather becomes a character is some stories. As one might discover in this scene, she is not a normal, mortal human. Rather, she is an Imp, a third-class demon that is normally seen as neither good or evil. imps can be both and like to play tricks on humans like poltergeists. But this Imp is different. Tatianna has a means of gaining strength and knowledge from all creatures -humans and demon alike-and the more she interacts with others, the more her power grows.

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Alexis felt a presence in the seat next to her and knew who it was before she opened her eyes. A tickle in the back of her mind reminded her that she was sleeping, but even if the presence was a mere dream, it felt real enough. Rolling her head to the side and opening her eyes, she saw her longtime friend sitting next to her. Tatianna was not looking at her but staring straight ahead as if watching the road through the front windshield of the bus.
Alexis had a sudden flash of self-consciousness as she realized this little girl—who appeared to be no more than twelve years old—sat next to her right in front of other passengers. Silly, but she wondered if other passengers might see them together and wonder if Tatianna were her child. She pushed the thought away, smiling as she turned to the large bus window. The dim interior lights of the bus reflected her own face across the blurred landscape passing outside, but not Tatianna’s. Nevertheless, the mere presence of Tatianna calmed her mind. Alexis always felt a sense of calm when she visited. Alexis looked looked to Tatianna and found her still staring to the front, no acknowledgment of their long-standing friendship forthcoming.
“Fear not,” Tatianna said, still not looking at her. “Accept this path and continue on your journey. It is through the hardship you will face that your true mate will be revealed.”
Alexis took in all Tatianna said but understood none of it. She always spoke in such a cryptic fashion, Alexis rarely understood what she meant without clarification. Sometimes, not until after whatever she said came to pass. There was so much she wanted to ask Tatianna, so many questions. Why did Tatianna not make her presence known so others would not think she was just imagining her? Was she imagining her? She never felt like she was crazy, but did people ever know when they were crazy? Alexis felt Tatianna’s hand on hers. She turned to ask what she meant but Tatianna was no longer sitting beside her.
Maybe Tatianna was never there. No, it had to be real. Alexis had felt her presence, not just a dream but the real measure of someone sitting next to her. Alexis felt the pressure of her sitting on the seat beside her, heard her breathing, sensed Tatianna looking at her when she first felt her presence. Already her head was reeling with unanswered questions and doubt. All she could gather from Tatianna’s words was that she did the right thing by leaving. The thought came as some relief. Despite her best efforts, her mind drifted and sought the resolute world of sleep. The blurred landscape through the window became shadows until darkness enveloped the scene completely. Finally, the questions abated and fell into the darkness as lifeless entities sinking slowly into the abyss of a dark ocean. Then Alexis succumbed to the encroaching darkness, closed her eyes, and slept again.