Sunday Excerpt 5

This scene provides more insight into Leonidas. Although Leo is not a main character for most of the story, he is the driving force (at in part) behind Lexi's decision to run rather than accept the fate that's been decided for her. Enjoy, and comment below.

His father offered no help to his problem with Alexis and, as sick as he was, probably wasn’t thinking straight. Leonidas stomped around his room while putting a few clothes and toiletries in his overnight bag. He could not stop thinking about his father, lecturing him about compassion and humility. How dare he speak of things he displayed no awareness of. His face began to flush and he tossed articles into his bag violently as his thoughts turned, as they always did, to his own mother. His mother died when he was very young in a car accident. Even with the supernatural healing abilities she possessed, her injuries were too great. She could not recover and succumbed to a massive head injury. At least this is what Leonidas had been told, but he didn’t believe it. Rumors spread faster than disease in their small secret community, and as he grew, he became convinced that his father staged her death to cover the truth that she simply could not submit to his father’s will and ran away. Deep down in the pit of his heart, Leonidas believed the rumor that his mother left his father, and him, for another mate. He’d heard through his youth, that she was still living with this mate in Alaska.
A single tear let loose and streamed down his cheek. He brushed it away and threw his bag on the floor at the foot of the bed. Falling back onto his bed, he thought about this whole ordeal about having a mate. The only reason he needed a mate was to produce offspring—an heir. Producing offspring was all females were good for. Hell, he grew up without the benefit of a mother and he turned out just fine. Maybe his father was right. Any female would do, as long as she was a natural, but he wanted Alexis. She should be his. She was gifted to him and he should have her, and if he couldn’t have her, nobody should, and he would make sure of that.
Chances were that she would go to Atlanta. It was the only place she’d ever been outside of Ellijay. Yes, that’s where she would go, right back to her college. Hell, he’d probably find her hanging out at her old dorm. Knowing for certain where she would go was a huge relief and it would probably be best to confront her in daylight with plenty of witnesses around to keep her from shifting or simply running away. Yes, he would have no problem finding her, and would be on his way to Atlanta first thing in the morning.