New Year-New Hopes

Blog? What's that?

Yes, the blog suffered gross neglect through most of last year as its owner suffered writer's block, mid-life crisis, lack of motivation, preoccupation, or any other stupid worthless excuse one might contrive.

After finishing our gazebo in June, I became engrossed in moving my aquaponic garden and getting it set up in its new location. I completed the conversion of an an old canvas storage structure into a greenhouse a few months later and was immediately hit with the insurmountable task of keeping the greenhouse cool in the Southeast Alabama Mid-Summer heat. Many of my new plants bolted as soon as they grew past the seedling stage.

I also built a large enclosure for our two ducks, Cheese and Quackers. They now enjoy a space larger than the chickens are afforded with their own little house and kiddy pool pond. Construction of a new larger pond will commense soon as I now acquired most of the material needed for the project.

The dominating issue I faced for most of last year was that I began watching too much news. The state of affairs of my home town, the country, and the world placed a weight on my soul that hampered my ability to dream, to create new exciting worlds and place characters in dire situations. I found myself trying to get my financial affairs in order and prepare for the possibility of future hardship. Gathering and storage of materials, food, water, ammo increased ten-fold. Well, now all that's at a manageable level and I'm ready to live more in the moment.

There have been no new additions to my antique typewriter collection as space has become limited by function. In other words, I've decided I do not want to fill my office with typewriters to the point that it hinders the original purpose of the space-writing.

And, on the writing front...

As some of you may know, some of my writing is under a pen name. I've written several short stories and a couple of novels under this name and also maintain a website (that has been equally neglected) for this more adult writing.

Anyway, I've pulled the two novels (one of them was very risque') and am in the process of writing both of them for future release with another one or two novels to complete the series. I basically edited and expanded the second novel, which will now become the first to be re-published. I am considering posting excerpts of the novels pre-publication for the few viewers of my blog to paruse and comment on. What do you think about that? Lately, I've struggled to find time and energy to pursue large writing projects but all my small writing projects seems to expand to enormous levels without my express consent.

Well, this being my first post in a long time I need the support of feedback and comments.  The best to all of you for this new year.