A Day with Zombies

I suppose I should not be calling them "zombies" but "walkers" instead. I mean, that's what they're called on AMC's The Walking Dead.

As the title implies, I was fortunate enough to recently tour various filming sights around Senoia, Georgia for the previously mentioned show. We decided this year that, instead of spending money on expensive gifts that might be forgotten by the new year, we would invest in an experience that we could share. So, shortly after Christmas, we dropped family off at the Atlanta airport and pointed our car South to Senoia.

Overall, the experience was great. This was a bus tour and we were given these nifty bracelets to distinguish us among the masses as the geeky movie tourists we were.

The tour guide was a self-described professional walker. Yes, he was an actor for the show and had been a walker on numerous occasions. His claim to fame is that he'd been killed by nearly every cast member in many different ways. It was very entertaining that the tour provided us with video clips pointing out our hero walker in various scenes looking all dead and being made deader by cast members. Upon returning from our tour, we sat ourselves down in front of the television for about four straight days to watch the Walking Dead marathon. Now, we're all caught up and ready for the next season.

The only downside to this little excursion is that others suffered in our absence. Upon returning to my office for some catch-up writing, I found my motivational (sacrificial) plant suffering.

The poor thing was in desperate need of water. I ended up soaking the whole thing in the sink and am currently giving it plenty of sunshine and affirmation to speed its recovery.