Scary Political Season

With the last debate behind us, we're in the home stretch to to election day. Our political candidates have put themselves into overdrive, crisscrossing the nation, trying to hit all those states in question and answer to the lies put forth by whoever was there before them.

I almost became politically active this year. I say "almost" because I find it hard to make a choice when I'm so disappointed all the political rhetoric lately. Each candidate is guilty of not telling the truth about their own beliefs and giving a clear plan. And, I guess the real bottom line is that I agree with certain aspects of each side of our political system while vehemently disagreeing with others. I find myself conservative on some issues while liberal on others.

I hope there are many others falling into my category of thought. I remember a time when our two political parties would fight and argue, filibuster and stall; but in the end, things would get done for the good of our nation. Compromises would be made. Each member of congress, whether house or senate, felt it their duty to do right by those who voted them into the positions they held. I thing that now we have a vast number of career politicians that tend to forget about the people who put them their, and work only to satisfy those special interest groups that provided them the most money while campaigning.

Okay, this is me stepping off my soapbox. This is really not the platform for that anyway. What I really wanted to write about today was my recent news, and it does have something (maybe very little) to do with politics.

Last week, all of my workmates and I were mucking it up about a co-worker that had recently been summoned to jury duty. I had mentioned that I'd never been given the honor of jury duty and we all laughed at the thought that it was an honor.

When I arrived home that evening and checked my mailbox, I found a letter from our local county courthouse. The letter was a summons for jury duty--the timing was most ironic.

So now I'll be showing up at the courthouse tomorrow for my first (an maybe last) day of jury duty. Since I've never done this before, I'm kind of excited. Do I wear a tie and suit jacket? Should I wear ripped jeans and a greasy t-shirt to ensure I won't be selected? Whatever I decide, I'm sure I'll enjoy this new experience and have to come back here and write about it.

After all, wherever I go, stupid and funny things happen. Just my luck, I guess.