Just a Few Thoughts

Today I was surfing around the Interwebs in the few spare moments I stole between playing kickball with the grandson, flushing the shower pipes with Drano (don't ask) and spending that nine or so hours in that ether of my full-time job. Lo and behold, I just happened upon my own blog and realized I've not been tending it well over the last month.

Did I mention that I also planted the winter garden only to find animals of some kind (probably cats) ate up all my beans and spinach as soon as they sprouted? Well, there it is, but I've still got onions, lettuce, and broccoli left. I've also got a big ol' box of pellets for my pellet gun.

Anyway, I've realized that I need to get back to my roots. I've spent the last year working and writing "other" stories instead of my beloved speculative fiction, mystery, and adventure stories. I did manage to complete a novel under my pen name. And no, it's not porn. It just happens to be paranormal romantic suspense, and I'm very proud of it, thank you very much!

It seems my venture into writing under my pen name has taken over and left little time for anything else. Well, now I've come full circle and am ready to return home. So, in the near future, one can expect more strolls down memory lane, rants about neighborhood cats, and writing about writing. Beforehand though, I still have to finish one last smut (okay, erotic fiction) story, and the third and fourth novel in my Immortal Desires series. I may combine book three and four to make an epic fantasy but that might limit my ability to sell paperback books.

I've also realized, after having very limited success writing under a pen name, that writing for the reader of more adult oriented stories can be addictive. Seriously, it's like playing slot machines or binge drinking for weeks at a time. The stories are relatively easy to write, although I still persist on quality, even if I'm writing something titled "Fantasy League" about a woman using her, uh ... assets ... to break her husband of his fantasy football infatuation.

The truth of the matter is, sex sells, and I must admit that it is a good feeling to publish something independently and see it climb the ladder at Amazon. I guess it's something akin to instant gratification, although any writer will tell you there's no such thing as instant gratification. Three months from the first typed word to selling on Amazon is about as instant as it gets in the writing world. For a writer though, that's pretty fast.

Don't get me wrong, I'll still write using my pen name but I've decided that I must find a way and find the time to write some of the work I love best. So, stay tuned because you'll likely see posts of story excerpts, rants about everything under the sun, and even some of my weird poetry on this blog in the near future.