Bring in the Calvary

Yeah, I know I wrote earlier that I was going to be all up in your face this year on the blog. It's all part of the real me.

But here's something else from the real me. I know not many people know it, and if I do say so myself, I hide it pretty well, but I do have a heart.

Somewhere out there in the blogosphere, I heard a small peep. It wasn't much, but it was there. It was a cry really, of another person in some kind of trouble. Well, of course I ran to the nearest WalMart restroom, and stripped to my undies. Hey, don't laugh, it's a tough economy, and one cannot expect a superhero to wear a full set of clothes.

Actually, another blogger on my blogroll posted a link to an author of YA books, and a Mother needing help. It seems she's had a string of bad luck starting with a troubled birth of her last child. It went downhill from there with the loss of her job, and a screwed up payment system.

So, what she's asking for is just a little something to get her by until her husband's paycheck comes in. I guess their hospital bills were astronomical for the baby. My heart went out to her when I read her article, and some even say "His heart grew two sizes that day." Oh, wait, that heart swelling thing has already happened.

I'm probably butchering the story all up since I'm a writer and can't help but embellish the facts. So, here's a link to her post:

Misadventures in Candyland

Please take the time to venture over there and read her post. I'm not asking that you necessarily give money (although that would certainly be nice) really, an uplifting note would be enough. And, if you feel so inclined, I'm sure she and her family could use material things like diapers too.

I do not know this person, but nonetheless, was touched by the story. Go!


  1. Blogs have so much more meaning that I never knew. Thanks for the link, I'll take a look.

  2. Thank you so much for helping Candace. I know she's so unbelievably thankful for all the help.

    The best thing is that she's not just asking for handouts. She's offering query critiques and manuscript crits in exchange, using her skills to help her situation. She's amazing.


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