Cold Weather Writing

I awoke this morning to a layer of frost covering my front lawn. "This is writing weather," I thought, and promptly sat down at the computer to write.

Unfortunately, I chose the wrong computer--the one with the Internet connection. Before long I was surfing like crazy, checking out all the haps on facebook, twitter, email, my publishing site. Didn't get much writing done.

I sometimes get inspired to write during changes in the weather. If it is a dark and stormy night (no pun intended) I am likely inspired to write something dark and sinister. Or, if I am already engaged in a long-term project, my writing tends to darken from the atmospheric influence.

What about the rest of you writers out there. Does weather have an influence on how or what you write? Do come up with strange new ideas in times of unique or abnormal weather?


  1. I'm an indoors person, so the weather doesn't affect me much. Heavy sporting seasons or PC game releases distract me though!

  2. I love to read and write when it rains cuddled up on the lounge chair with some hot cider and a blanket. I guess it relaxes me. I am also very lunar and the moon will put me in certain moods. I often play certain music to help create an atmosphere cohesive to a project I am working on.

  3. When I was writing my vampire script "The Taming of the Blood" I spent many hours watching vampire movies so I could continue to "sink my teeth" into my work... Pun intended.

    The internet can be distracting, but it can also help with ideas. The hard part is tearing yourself away from the "surfing" to write.

  4. One of my biggest problems is that I like to be outdoors. One would think that I would spend more time writing outdoor stories but, for some unknown reason, I don't. I seem to gain some extra measure of concentration for writing late at night during a storm. The stormier, the better. But during this kind of weather, I like to write dark science fiction. I once spent twenty four hours in a storm while on duty in the military. We (the US) were heavily involved in cloud seeding at the time. Don't laugh, it is true. You'd be surprise at how effective weather can be if weaponized. Anyway I came up with an idea for a story based on the development of a device from this kind of research. I had the whole thing all plotted out from the device being stolen to the government having to track down its inventor to the thing finally being shipped to Mars to be used for terraforming the planet. Of course I've now had to go back and change parts of the story because all this has been proven true now.

  5. I love cold weather writing best too; I don't have to feel guilty about not being outside :)

    I think I need an internet-free computer too. So distracting . . .


  6. Thanks for the comment, Donna. I grew up in Washington state. The Winters there were long, rainy, and miserable. We heated our house from a fireplace so we would all sit in the living room at night. I had been given a typewriter for christmas and would make everyone angry as I sat in front of the television clacking away. Of course, they didn't know I was writing dirty limericks to impress my friends at school.

    Checked out your blog-LOVED IT. I'm your newest follower.


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