Treasure Found

I've heard many times that one person's trash is another's treasure. I do not know where the phrase originated but I now understand the meaning a little more.

This weekend, I was with my wife running errands, which meant we had to spend time at the Dollar Tree. For those of you who do not live in the South, the Dollar Tree is a variety store that sells everything for one dollar. My wife loves the Dollar Tree and I would say that a good percentage of everything we have littering our house is from said store.

Believe it or not, the Dollar Tree actually has a literature section. Yes folks, you can buy books there - Novels for one dollar.

Anyway, I found a book that turned out to be quite entertaining. The book is written by Bill Keaggy and is published by HOW Books.

Honestly folks, the book is 232 pages of pure insanity. I loved it. Let me set the stage for this.

Imagine, if you will, you just emptied out your shopping cart, suffering through the heat and inconsiderate drivers moving too quickly, and too closely down the parking isle, when you spy a small scrap of paper in the bottom of the cart (or buggy, if you're from around here.)

The scrap of paper turns out to be somebody's shopping list, used and wrinkled, and worn fuzzy from over handling. You open the shopping list to find a treasure trove of hilarious writing, scribbles and tears.

The list may include things like this list of a person shopping at WalMart:

Undergarments (for work-possibly w/red stripper shoes.)

Don't you want to work where this person works?

Yes, I bought an entire book full of found shopping lists. Wait. Don't laugh. The book was very well-written and edited with pictures of each list, along with captions explaining the author's thoughts.

I laughed until my belly hurt. And then I began to feel a little creepy for reading other people's private stuff. It was great.

I would recommend everyone with a sense of humor buy this book. I'm not sure it is available in mass at the Dollar Tree, but I'm sure it can still be found online by clicking here.

Oh, and by the way. Here's the Author's website.


  1. Wow, now I want to buy the book.


  2. I've never done milk-eggs-vodka - but close!

  3. Oh, I've definitely bought milk, eggs and vodka on many a shopping trip. THAT COULD BE MY LIST!

    I love the title. (kinda sad it was at the dollar store. God, that's depressing to think our books could be sold at a dollar store. *sigh*)

  4. Yeah, the really sad part is that this was originally a $20 dollar hardback book.

  5. I would be happy to have my book at every Dollar Tree store.


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