The Magic of Publication

If this post seems like outright self-promotion, that's because it is.

The September issue of Eclectic Flash is out and containing two of my flash fiction stories. The stories to look for are:

My Mind's Eye by J.L. Stratton, page 36
The Sentient Soldier by J.L. Stratton, page 70

Both stories are speculative fiction. My Mind's Eye is an epistolary piece. The Sentient Soldier is a science fiction piece with social undertones.

Please take the opportunity to visit Eclectic Flash (click the word) and check out their literary journal. You can read the magazine for free through the online reader or buy copies of the magazine through a link on their site.

Read my stories, then feel free to post your comments.


  1. My Mind's Eye is very funny. Would make me think twice about being careful what you wish for and about being too literal.
    The Sentient Soldier left me wanting more. It really pulled me in.

  2. That's great! I'll go check out their site.

  3. Evil twist ending to The Sentient Soldier!

  4. The Sentient Soldier was originally a 7k short story. I had even wondered at one time if I should attempt to develop it further.

    but, on a challenge of writing down to the bones, I pared it down to under 1k. I think it actually become more interesting as I removed pertinent information from reader access.


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