Confession and Redemption

OK, So I am moving at a snail's pace on the last three scenes of my current project and need a break. I find a good joke to be the perfect pick-me-up. Here's one I heard recently.

A young woman goes to confession.
She kneals and says, "Forgive me father, for I have sinned."
"Confess, and be forgiven," the priest says.
"Last night I picked up a strange man in a bar and took him home with me. I invited in my home and he made mad passionate love to me seven times throughout the night."

The priest looks at the woman through the screen and thinks very hard for nearly a minute before saying, "Squeeze the juice of seven lemons into a glass and attempt to drink the juice all at once."

"If I do this, will I be forgiven of my sins?" The woman asks.

"No," the priest responds. "But it will help to wipe that damn smile off your face."

The moral?

Sometimes being bad can make you feel oh so good.
Now you have an idea where the derogatory term "Squeezing lemons" originated.


  1. Funny joke. I have actually never heard that term before but when I do...I'll think of this.


  2. Jim- darn it! Quit stalking me at confessional!!!


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