Almost there!

OK, I know what you're thinking. I've really been doing a terrible job keeping up to date on my posting here. You would be right. I think at least other writers that frequent my blog can understand. I'm at that point where I'm nearing the end of a draft. That frantic last chapter where I struggle to ensure all my plot lines converge, all the wrongs righted (maybe not all, since I like a little irony) and the heroine and hero are joined in happily ever after, or at least happy for now.

The closer I get to the end, the more my mind is bombarded with thoughts of things that will happen beyond the end of this story. Yes, I guess that means I'm already dreaming up a sequel. With that said, I sure hope I can find someplace willing to publish my weirdness.

I believe the story will likely stretch beyond 50k if only by a few thousand. This might qualify it, lengthwise anyway, at the lower end of a novel-length work. But the subject matter and graphic nature of some of the content will most certainly land this work within the erotica genre somewhere.

The only issue I have is exactly how to classify it. On it's face, it is a romance of sorts with a woman desiring a real long-standing relationship. Sure, seems easy if your mortal, but much more difficult if you are a demon Succubus and you drain the life out of every man you become intimate with. Of course, throw in the fact that you need that energy in order to sustain your very existence.

I've also brought in elements of a crime story. My main character is the one perpetrating the crimes and the man investigating her soon becomes her lover.  Now, as if a story about a succubus is not "paranormal" enough, add in that the reason my main character is able to have a relationship with this man is that he harbors a secret of his own - he is a werewolf.

He is being followed by some hunters from the werewolf pack that has the member that originally turned him. Oh, and by the way, that man is the pack alpha. My main character is also pursued by the leader of the demon clan that cast her into the mortal world as punishment for trying to have relationships and keep her men alive.

So where does this leave my story. Could it possibly get any weirder? The answer, of course is yes, it can. But I am going to leave that information to be found only by those that may someday read this work.

I will post some excerpts of the work as I edit, so stay tuned!


  1. Yeah, I understand your dilemma, I would have a problem placing it too. I have no idea. Perhaps your publisher will know. Congrats on almost being finished.


  2. I can see where genre might present a problem. Someone in the know will get it right for you. In the meantime I, for one am waiting for an excerpt.
    Way to go on reaching the finish line.

  3. Who's your target audience? That might help with the genre dilemma.

  4. Thank you all for your comments. I'm just going to keep plugging away. Full speed ahead, and damn those genre nazis.

    I will most definitely post some excerpts in the editing stage. I must say that I tend to write very tight and then expand the work instead of write down to the bones during the first edit. This may sound strange but, keep in mind, I was an aerospace and business major, so you can probably imagine how I had to learn to write very tight or die. I'm getting better now though, really.


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