Waiting for the Wind.

I recently joined in a discussion about current works in progress. It was just a simple question from a blog asking about what everyone was currently working on.

I posted a comment about one of my current projects. Although I hadn't finished the draft yet and should not have brought the idea out into public; foolish as I am, I went ahead and ignored that tickling in my brain and put it out there.

Well, the comment I posted garnered a couple return comments. I didn't know that I was joining in on a discussion but there it was. Unfortunately, the comments weren't great or positive, and it just knocked the wind right out of my sails for writing. I've gone back to the project a few times since then but cannot seem to gather my thoughts and put them on paper.

Does this ever happen to you? If so, what do you do to get back into your project?


  1. That was rude of those people! None of my writer friends would do that to anyone. Forget those comments, go back over your work, and dive back in with enthusiasm.

  2. I'm with Alex. Particularly as in a comment you can't really give that much detail away so odds are the people commenting don't really get what your project is about at all. Re-read your work and remember why you were writing it.
    Best of luck and happy writing.

  3. So totally with Alex on this! Get your butt back in the chair and write, write, write.
    Maybe a twinge of "I wish I'd thought of that." is involved. Doesn't matter --Get back at it!
    All the best.
    Giggles and Gunsx

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  5. Thanks so much for your uplifting and motivating comments. I did go back and re-read some of the work. I also spent some time with my characters (you writers know what I mean) and decided to add some depth with some sub-plot lines that will weave throughout the story.

    In doing all this, I already have a thread perculating for a sequel. All this being said, I'm still stuck as to how this story will be classified. It is really suspense with a romantic thread but, because of the activities of my main character being that of a shape-shifting demon succubus turning good, it must include some very erotic elements.

    Oh well, like that one guy said "Write it, and they will read." So what if "they" means me and one other person.

  6. Wait until one of your non-writing friends begs to read one of your manuscripts, then posts an excerpt on their blog and pokes fun at it -- that's what happened to me! Was most distressing, too. Sigh.

    All I can say about posting ideas or excerpts of your writing onto a public forum is that you have to have a very very thick skin. Because people take it as a given that they can be negative and just plain mean. Having been the recipient of negative and some of those aforementioned just plain mean comments from contest judges, I've felt like giving up writing numerous times! But then you get that one person who is positive and encouraging, or, if you're really lucky, really loves your work! And that's what keeps you going. Aside from the fact that we writers "have" to write or we'd go nuts, LOL.

    Good to read that you're back into your wip, JL! Don't let others drag you down.

  7. JL, I don't know what happened but I'm glad you're not giving up. I would love to give my POSITIVE comments on your work. If you want, I can give CONSTRUCTIVE criticism but if that's not what you need at the moment, I'll just give the positives.

  8. Jim, I say keep at it. I too doubt myself when a critical eye tells me I add "ing" to everything or just the regular stuff. And as you know, I am always good for the old, "I don't understand it" but I do try to be specific. Even when I read my own stuff it doesn't make sense. I love the story and cant wait to see how you work it out.
    I'll miss you Thurs night. I won't make the meeting. :)

  9. Totally rude. The point of the online writing community is to encourage. There are enough publishers' rejections to knock us back down! Now, gentle criticism sandwiched between compliments and encouraging words is fine. But flat out knocking down another writer's idea? Shameful.

    I say go for it. If you really want great feedback, post about it here. We won't do that to you!

    Keep at it, J.L. And I love the new sidebar pics.



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