Adult Socio-political Twisted Fantasy Nursery Rhyme

Mary had a little dragon
Its teeth were sharp and white
The dragon followed everywhere
It was quite a sight

So, Mary one day went to work
Her dragon close in tow
The boss said, like an insolent jerk
“That dragon’s gotta go”

With Mary this did not sit well
In fact, it pissed her off
So, she said to her little dragon, “sit”
And took its collar off

Its collar gone, up it came
And pounced upon the boss
Snapping teeth and spitting flame
Giving the man’s head a toss

In smoke and flames, the building went
From dragon’s fiery breath
And when the dragon’s lungs were spent
There was not a damn thing left

Mary lost her job that day
But it’s neither here nor there
She’ll do fine anyway
On wealth redistribution and Obamacare


  1. Come on Jim, you can make it more "adult" than that.

  2. Mary - Watch out, I sometimes love back!

    Thomas - I'm considering starting another page for the more "adult stuff" I write that will require a password. Just not yet sure how to do it.

    Alex - Just my normal dry, sarcastic sense of humor. BTW Watched your book trailer like four times because it is cool!

  3. Oh, a perfect twisted, sarcastic tale. That last line is priceless!

  4. Got that last line right out of the news. Put it in so I could add the "socio-political" part to the title.

  5. LOL, this is awesome. If only we all could have a dragon to take care of bosses and jobs.

  6. I like the poem, but the ending makes no sense. :P Someone can redistribute wealth to me! Someone can find me affordable healthcare! Nothing the government cooks up will bridge the gap that I fall into. I have to pull myself out by my bootstraps. Now, if that dragon burns down the right offices and makes a few demands, or just opens up employment opportunities, then maybe Mary (and I) would be alright. She's got a dragon for hire now, though.

  7. ElshaHawk
    I think, if I were to actually publish this, I would have to come up with a better close. I just put the last line in so I could call the poem "Socio-political."

    But, on your other thoughts; it sure would be nice if that dragon could direct its anger and fury on a few specific and selected buildings.


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