Why Didn't I Think of That?

Have you ever looked at a new product, or even another author's writing and thought; why didn't I think of that?

Ok, maybe I'm weird but I've done this often.

Not long ago, I was parusing one of those "Skymall" gift catalogs while on a flight. I was surprised to discover a product that I had invented long ago. Well, maybe I should clarify and say "my daughter invented it with my help for an elementary school project."

I even remember mentioning to my wife that we should patent the product. She laughed and told me that it would be silly to spend the money to patent such an absurd device. Of course, she was right.

You see, the device we invented was an automatic marshmallow turner. I had even created a support that would allow the roasting of a hotdog. The device was battery operated and turned marshmallows or a hotdog at the push of a button.

One could imagine my surprise when, years later, I'm looking at something very similiar to the device my daughter and I had created ... and it was selling for $14.99

When I was just a young boy, I would spend great effort on inventions and all kinds of money-making ventures such as selling Christmas cards, Flowers, Grit Newspapers, mowing lawns, or doing basic yardwork. That spirit stayed with me through the years (although I no longer sell Christmas cards door-to-door). I did continue in college through a Master Degree, in business, no less. I now have an MBA with a concentration in Human Resource Management. Believe it or not, it helps me in writing

I think I'm trying to say that it's best to follow your dreams. One never knows. Even the silliest of ideas could become something someday.