Very Taxing, Indeed

Well, today is the day we all participate in that great personal fund distribution exercise known as tax filing day. This in one day of the year where some lose, and some, truly, win.

This year I think I'm losing. We've done everything humanly possible short of claiming our dog as a dependant in order to lower our amount owed to Uncle Sam, but to little avail. We still owe.

I absolutely cannot believe the way the math has changed this year. I actually buckled down this year and invested in an IRA and found that investment (supposed to be tax deferred) actually increased my state income tax burden! I had to remove it from my paperwork to avoid the penalty.

It all works out in the end though (that's what I keep telling myself, anyway) and maybe in future years some of the money I give away this year will find it's way back into my pocket.

So, for those of you seeing a refund this year, enjoy. But don't hold on to the funds too tight because, if my taxes keeping increasing, I might find it more financially beneficial to just quit my job, go on welfare, and collect my free healthcare plan. Then, all you folks that previously found themselves getting refunds might just be passing their funds on to me.