Small Town Wonders

There's just something about living in a small town that appeals to folks. Although right now I cannot think of what that might be.

My postings grew scarce lately because I had lost my Internet connection at home. Everything appeared to be working properly but, nonetheless, the connection was not being made. After trying numerous fixes, I called my local provider to seek help. The best answer they could give me is that, possibly, my modem was malfunctioning.

Just as I began contemplating buying a new modem, the connection miraculously began working again. Go figure. Small wonder never cease to amaze.

It's like this with many things in my little village. I often joke that the power goes out every time it rains, or someone blows out Birthday candles. And let's not even talk about the cat problem. I think I've already beat that subject to death.

Anyway, this is just a quick post to test the system since I'm back online now. Let the ranting continue!


  1. Well, I left a comment yesterday, and I see that it's gone. Or never arrived. So I'll try again.

    I can so relate to this. I remember when we lived in Ohio in a very small town, we had continual issues with the power going out. My husband called to see if he could find out what the problem was and they said some squirrels had chewed through some wiring. Huh?

    Even here in Michigan, we have the same problems. It rains--the power goes out. Someone sneezes--the power goes out. Drives me crazy.

    I wouldn't trade small town living for anything though. It keeps me on my toes, and helps me learn patience.

    I'm glad you're back up and running!

  2. Still a problem with the cats??
    Glad you are back on- line. I borrow my neighbors internet so I can't complain when I have no connection.
    I too need a bigger village!


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