My Own Call to Action

I've recently been impressed by an amateur writer. This person has developed three stories for children. I assume the age group for the stories to be 6-10 although I have very little experience with estimating age-appropriateness of a particular story. All three stories center around the same base characters with the introduction of a new character in each adventure.

Two things about this person's writing has left me perplexed and wondering what to do. First, the grammar in these stories is atrocious. I know that grammar is fixable, and I've actually contemplated trying to fix some of the more blatant mistakes and giving the work back to the author. The second issue is the story will need an illustrator.

I truly believe that this story is publishable and marketable. I am much more convinced then the author that they are on to something absolutely special here.

My question, posed to the masses, is two-fold. Should I make the changes and try to convince this person to seek publication? Anyone out there interested in illustrating on spec?

I've read more amateur stories than I care to admit and have not felt so sure in my heart about the marketability of a project before. Only thing is: I have no experience in children's stories except for those wonderful adventures I would read as a child. Any suggestions?


  1. I think if you feel strongly about the marketability of these children's stories, then you should take it on. Sounds like all the author needs is a little guidance and some polish.

    I'm an artist, and would love to try my hand at illustrations, but I think you could find someone much better qualified and skilled to take on a project like this. Try CC--post your inquiry on the forums and see if you get any bites.

    This sounds really interesting. Good luck with it.


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