Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Adult Socio-political Twisted Fantasy Nursery Rhyme

Mary had a little dragon
Its teeth were sharp and white
The dragon followed everywhere
It was quite a sight

So, Mary one day went to work
Her dragon close in tow
The boss said, like an insolent jerk
“That dragon’s gotta go”

With Mary this did not sit well
In fact, it pissed her off
So, she said to her little dragon, “sit”
And took its collar off

Its collar gone, up it came
And pounced upon the boss
Snapping teeth and spitting flame
Giving the man’s head a toss

In smoke and flames, the building went
From dragon’s fiery breath
And when the dragon’s lungs were spent
There was not a damn thing left

Mary lost her job that day
But it’s neither here nor there
She’ll do fine anyway
On wealth redistribution and Obamacare