Sailing Takes me Away

Christopher Cross has got nothin' on me. Okay, well, he did have that song, but other than that...

I love to sail whenever I get the chance. Unfortunately, my little sailboat has been on the hard (out of the water) for some time now while I made repairs, maintenance, and upgrades. I haven't been sailing since the fourth of July last year, and that adventure ended rather quickly with some serious issues. Issues like, the boat getting pushed into the dock by high winds upon departure, tearing a hole into the side. That did not end our adventure. It was a bilge plug failing and our boat filling with water that ended the adventure. We were forced to limp back on flaked sails and outboard motor power to watch the fireworks from the shore.

Of course, my sailing thoughts, like nearly everything else in my life are best expressed with some short poems. Here's a couple.

Cast your worries all into the emerald sea
Watch them sink to ocean depths as you sail with me.

Let us slip into the morning sea and chart a course to nowhere
Let us hoist the sails and trim them windward to the rising sun
Let us chase dolphins and spy the birds with wing upon the air
We'll tack and jibe to bend the sails or beat a downwind run
And when we've run the course to end we'll double back to go again
So when the sea reclaims the sun and our legs still wobble on the land
With longing hearts, our next adventure will be planned.

Hope you enjoyed them. My next posting will bring us back to nostalgia with another story from my childhood. Of course it will be snarky and sarcastic. Is there really any other way to remember the journey from childhood into adulthood without crying?

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