Technical Issues

Dadblasted Internet Explorers and navigators. I am angered and foiled by such dark wizardry.

But alas, I've finally figured out how to access my blog by simply using chrome instead of Internet Explorer. Rumor has it that the folks at Google have not kept up with all the new versions of explorer, so I was getting error messages when trying to access my blog.

Now I'm in, so let the blogging begin!

I've got so much to get caught up on. The Spring garden is being planted on weekends; the battle continues in my writing world as I struggle to write the next great novel that, at best, is a long shot, or smut that gives immediate response to my efforts, satisfaction, and resources to buy vintage typewriters.

Speaking of typewriters, I'm in the market for something new. I'm leaning toward an old Corona 3 or 4. Or, maybe I'd like an Olympia SF model such as a socialite or splendid model. Oh, the options are endless.

Daleville Dan is getting ready for another appearance as the seasons change and the cats multiply and, of course, I'm ready to dispense more critical advice on how to survive the coming zombie apocalypse!

Yep, this is a short post, free of pictures and other distractions, but I must ease into it. Smart folks have said that a thirsty person should not gulp the water.



  1. Sounds like a wise move. IE is giving me all sorts of problems (like trying to post a comment on Blogger for instance, this my 4th attempt) - I even considered buying an Apple at one point, but came to my senses.


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